Oh, the stress of prosperity!

Life, in most ways, has vastly improved for all of us. Humankind currently enjoys a much better standard of living than it has ever had. A relatively peaceful growth period, no major calamities (pandemic aside) and more prosperity than ever.

Yet, stress is at the highest levels ever recorded. A dichotomy this. Why are we so stressed when we should be much more happier than our forefathers ever were? Is it that more prosperity brings with it a thirst for even more? Or is it the impending fear of losing it all?

I wrote a little bit about this earlier. Chanced upon it today and thought of sharing it. Food for thought!

Stress is not inborn

nor is it inherited

it does not even exist in nature

except in your own mind…

Yes that same monkey mind as they say

that conjures up dreams and situations

constructing an imaginary future

that exists only in your mind…

We get stressed about what may happen

we stay stressed because of what may occur

if it makes sense, or doesn’t

we choose stress, over rational thinking…

No you cannot see your future

you don’t know what is going to happen

yet you stress about it

cold sweat, perspiration…

a hundred days of dhyāna

and a thousand days of yog

cannot cure you of stress

however much you try…

because you refuse to let go

you refuse to relent

those scenes keep playing in your mind

again and again, and again…

There is no cure for stress

there is no medicine for it

but there is a way out of it

and the way is to not let it in…

And you can do that by believing

by seeing, what is in front of you

as it is, without prejudice and judgement

and taking life as it comes to you…

By loving each day, good or bad

for they too exist only as your reactions

to situations, and not in actuality

The cure for stress, lies only in your mind…

What has to happen, will happen

says a song or two

but worrying about it, my friend

will only make the worst come true…

We are what we truly believe in

and we make our own destinies

so why start with a stressful picture

when you can paint a beautiful melody..

One that you can see, hear and sing,

one that you can live though

every day is a new day

every day is a new you…

So stop stressing about tomorrow

stop worrying yourself, please do

there is light at the end of every tunnel

and it exists for me, and it exists for you.