Of tubes and you…

A deviation today, from the usual Navratri talk.

I have been watching various “village cooking” channels over the past few months. First, there was one from Tamil Nadu – a grandpa with his grandsons – an energetic take on cooking a monstrous amount of food and then distributing it to the needy. Entertaining, and I’ve seen them improve on their production values over time.

Another one that I stumbled upon a couple of days back was from Punjab, where an elderly lady (seems 80+) and her grandson make some exciting recipes – again in large quantities.

The channels can be viewed here and here.

It’s interesting to see a role reversal of sorts – technology has helped the older generation be so productive in a way that their children and grandchildren now need their help to become famous:)

And it is hard work – the grandpa and the grandma actually make valuable contribution, and not just sit around while the younger ones do the cooking.

Their views clock over a million in many cases. Wow. And to think of all those crazy ticktockers trying to act their silliest best in the hope of grabbing a few thousand eyeballs. Quality works, whatever be the industry!

See you tomorrow…