Of trying and outcomes…

And just when they were wondering where the Modi wave went, he responded with a tsunami. The best showing EVER, with 156 seats and an unspoken apology for the decimation of the “traveller” and the “freebie”.

Closer home, it was Rohāmrtā’s turn (again) to have fever and the cough and cold.

I speak to a lot of people in the course of my business, everyday, and 8 out of 10 have a cold, cough, fever or worse. Is this an undeclared pandemic of sorts? I don’t recall anything this widespread in my 18 years here, or before in India. A common cold was not meant to be this common!

Time to declare war on the unseen opponent.

Laying out a blueprint of the plan of attack – from deep cleaning to sanitizing, replacing pillows and vacuuming mattresses, to chawanprash and yoga – bringing out all weapons in the arsenal for a prolonged battle, and lasting peace.

Much like some leaders in the world right now. Fight is in our blood innit?

Maybe it’s the fighting spirit. Or the “I have had enough” bit. Whatever it is, one has to roll up one’s sleeves and get down to it. The same applies to work, or play, or indeed, to life. Rohit came out yesterday and nearly won it for India, with an injured thumb. He gave it his all, fell at the last step, yet won hearts. Modi gave it his all, hit it out of the park at the last step, and also won hearts. The key is to go all out, regardless of the outcome.

We will prevail:)