Of tipping points…

I got some questions from readers on my last article. Some wanted to know what to learn, so as to be prepared, others wanted specifics on possible career paths.

My response was nearly the same in both cases. Be prepared to learn AND unlearn anything, and your strategy should be to be ready to go in any direction, given the circumstances. A lot of people think of strategy as a business plan of sorts, whereas strategy is really about how quickly one adapts to change.

The past few months, I have dabbled with at least 15 pieces of software that could potentially help my businesses, and all of them were SaaS based (some free but will soon become SaaS), online, and with free versions that one could try and even implement in the business. The question is not what software these were, but how I got to them. How did I know them in the first place?

In 2019, we had our 2007 moment. The iPhone changed the way we interacted with our phones, and 2019 changed the way we interacted with our customers. We have never looked back since. This was only possible due to continuous learning, and implementation. We also had to unlearn the more archaic ways of doing things, so that we could become more lean and agile. It paid off. And will continue to pay off, but only if we continue to learn, unlearn and implement.

AI is the next forefront. Forget all about what you have used till date – a tipping point is near and a lot of what exists will be obsolete. The good thing is that the new stuff is relatively easier to learn – the difficult bit is getting down to it. Boils down to motivation at the end of it all.

As I type this, Rohāmrta is having a field day running all around the place, as his dinner is being served (with the server running behind him as well). I wonder what his generation will use on a daily basis, once they grow up!