Of seasons and changes…

This is something that I wrote around a year back. Revisited it today when I had a brief discussion with someone much older than me.

He too had shared the same sentiment – when my generation was growing up. I am sure that the generation before him would have felt the same way, and the one before that…well, the cycle continues.

The only constant is change isn’t it? As cliched as it sounds, it is the truth. And we can only keep up if we keep up the pace and change ourselves too.

Here is to changes. It’s in the air – a change in season, a change in years, and a change in outlook (as soon as you want to).

See you tomorrow!

Oh how times change,

The new has become old, and the old has become new

tailors are now bespoke, and shaves done with single blades, not two

food is now fast, but slow cooking has it’s fans,

a lot of fuss made bout ceramic pots and pans

time and tide wait for your phone updates

every weekend has its sale and Friday rebates

oh how times change

life is comfortable, but friends are few

the search is always on, for something new

connections abound, but don’t ever meet

no closures now, just hit delete

attentions are less, and distraction is more

can’t wait at a signal, oh what a bore

the phone is your friend, and companion too

and confidant, keeper of secrets, you know who

oh how times change

kids on iPads, and parents networking

a little flirt here, there a little fling

prayer is for nerds, atheism is in

no place for virtue, and no concept of sin

for all is acceptable, and all is good

all politically correct, else easily misunderstood

oh how times change

gaming is an art, and reading long bygone

real and virtual, the lines now redrawn

land sells in the meta verse, where one builds a life

behind a curtain of anonymity, and through internal strife

where tokens are non-fungible, and “investors” are credulous,

where you choose a new name, inspired by Morpheus

And leave your identity behind, individuality n all

and speak in emojis, and laugh in lol.

oh how times change

oh, how times change…

Do I sound nostalgic, please excuse me if I do

but somewhere I know, that you feel the same way too

change is inevitable, and change is good

I always say – adapt to change, one should

but how much should we change, and by what degree?

beyond a point that we don’t recognize you or me?

As a species we evolve, we move ahead

but in which direction, sometimes I do dread

Maybe my apprehensions are misplaced, my fears unfound

but I do know, what goes round, comes around

are we too consumed, in an eagerness to make

that the very fabric of what makes us humans, we break…

As the night draws close, and my eyes start to close

I sit back and ponder, think and diagnose…

Oh how times change…oh how times change…