Of possessiveness and age…

Another day well spent.

Today was Abhismita’s birthday, but we went to see her only in the evening, so the rest of the day was spent trying to recoup energies to fight another week.

Did see back-to-back episodes of the Kapil Sharma Show which hosted the team of Gangs of Wasseypur on the 10 year anniversary of the project. Loved the songs, loved the movie and it’s amazing how 10 years on, most of the actors who were introduced way back then have made their mark in the industry – be it Nawazzudin or Vineet Singh or Zeeshan Qadri, Pankaj Tripathi, the list is seemingly endless. A landmark movie from a director whose work has gone only downhill since then.

The evening was spent with Abhismita, who wasn’t too pleased on having a couple of more guests than (she) expected. Children are very possessive at this age, and can be very stubborn in not accommodating any changes, however big or small. Such a beautiful mind, that develops from infancy, through childhood, and then steps into adulthood, when, ironically, such behavior is repeated on a much larger scale!

Life is but a circle. This bit can be avoided, if we grow up the right way, and learn the right things from the right people. What do you think?

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Abhismita, happy birthday to you! May you grow up older and wiser, and not fall into the trap that we all fell into. I hope we can collectively give you our experiences and help you learn from them. That is what we leave back at the end of it all isn’t it?