Of old schools and new technology…

My school WhatsApp group has effectively served as a birthday reminder. When I joined the group, I had thought that it would work as an alumni network, with an emotional component to it. None of the sort happened.

Conversations are limited to wishing each other happy birthday, complete with the cheesy cake gifs.

And so last evening, this is what I sent them. A good conversation starter (or re-starter) – maybe you can try it too. Its another matter that my group is so much in it’s shell, that coming out of it seems impossible,

Maybe yours would work better?

And since the group has effectively been dead for a month, trying to rekindle a conversation. Something more than happy birthday.

We were together at a very important stage of our lives, and then went separate ways, discovering what the world, and life, had to offer. Some of us may have got what we wanted, others maybe not, and some others maybe halfway there.

As I was watching Premam (a fantastic Malayalam movie btw), I remembered those days of laughter, study, puppy love and heartbreak. And as I sit here, I wonder – what became of those people who spent so many of my formative years with me?

How do they look now, where are they, are they happy in their journeys, has life treated them well? Have they become different people (I hope) but have they retained something, anything, of the time when we all were together?

So here is me, clicked a couple of days back, currently in Dubai, married and with a kid, running a small business that I’m passionate about, and older but wiser on the ways of life. Or am I?

From those who remember me, I still have a bit of the fluttering heart that I did, and a lot of the reading habit that gifted me my generous vision (or the lack of it). I still practice karate and I still look forward to the beauty of life and all that comes along with it.

Maybe I could have done somethings a lot better- but they would not have resulted in what is me today.

Maybe I could have made a lot more money, but that would not have given me time to explore other facets of life. I don’t say I am content, but I think I am in a good place. What about you?:)