Of octopuses and bubbles…

Anyone who has been through a toddler knows the importance of bubbles in their lives. They demand it at will, and the popping of these temporary spheres of soap becomes the primary focus of the moment, or moments, until it’s ‘bye bye’ bubbles.

Rohāmrta is no exception. It is for him that I found a way to blow way above the average size bubble, ones that I like to pop as well, in mock competition. He usually pops these bubbles with his index finger, but off late, he has found a new companion who he invites(drags) to join him during the popping sessions. The friendly neighborhood octopus. One that we purchased from Ikea and who has been relaxing on our couch ever since, under minimal toddler supervision.

And so Keshav grabs Mr. Octopus and rushes back to pop these bubbles one by one – using the tentacles of his newly found pop-the-bubble buddy. Until he tires and says ‘bye bye’ bubbles, unceremoniously drops Mr. Octopus to the floor, and embarks on his next adventure – pick a spoon.

Oh, the kind of combinations kids come up with! What can possibly be the connection between bubbles and octopuses??