Of MuNuXi and PiRhoSigma…

I know the subject of today’s post sounded like Greek and Latin, because, well, it is Greek.

Part of the Greek alphabet to be precise.

Now, how is that relevant? Well, you may not be familiar with the terms, but you surely have heard of Omicron, the latest variant on the block, and the missing alphabet in between Mu Nu Xi and Pi Rho Sigma.

We all are pretty much tired of these never-ending waves of virus variants, but it pays to know that viruses usually last at least 2-3 years, before they become endemics.

So, err…welcome 2022!

The curious part was, how come WHO left out Nu and Xi? Their last variant was named Mu, so logically Nu is next correct?

Turns out that WHO thought Nu would sound like new, so it would end up confusing everyone – from Novel Coronavirus to New Coronavirus, most linguists would have thought of this as an attempt at building a Thesaurus rather than a credible fight against something that has crippled our normal lifestyles…

And Xi? Well, I don’t think I need to answer that. Just Google the word and you will (maybe) find an answer.

So here we are, at the doorsteps of yet another lockdown in Europe, and possibly elsewhere, and new travel curbs in place. Air bubbles return and airlines may again find a tough season ahead.

When will this all end? Your guess is as good as mine. But for it to end well, one has to do the boring bits. Sanitise, mask up and take precautions like social distancing. I know it is mentally exhausting, but lesser effort that being on a ventilator.

Don’t worry. This too shall pass. And hopefully leave us better in body and in mind.

See you tomorrow!