Of Messi and Messy Diapers…

I know it’s a bit late in the day, but I ain’t a football fan, so its ok.

The match was available for free on You Tube so I did tune in, and got bored seeing the French not reaching anywhere close to their target (and not even trying) and so turned it off around the 70th minute.

The world knows what happened 10 minutes after that. Mbappe turned the game around in 97 seconds, and I rushed back to You Tube after seeing what was happening on Twitter – the rest of the game was pretty exciting, and Mbappe nearly won it for France – only that Messi stood in the way.

Not a fan of Messi (ok don’t kill me yet) but it was the perfect swansong for a player who has dominated the conversation on football for a long, long time. But apparently he announced that he would continue to play for Argentina, which I felt was a bit of a downer – I mean, you can’t get a more fairytale ending than this – winning the World Cup nearly single-handedly for your team. A great culmination, but doesn’t seem like it would end here now.

Mbappe on the other hand is only 23 and has won a World Cup and nearly won the next. Can only see world domination going forward. Maybe I will become a fan:)

Closer home, our desi budding footballer has been (off and on) kicking the ball around. More like running onto the field, grabbing someone else’s football (white is the preferred color) and running away with it, in clumsy toddler-rugby style. Only that there is a licking incident post the heist, which doesn’t go down well with us, given his recent bouts of sneezing and coughing. We bought him a white football, but no – seizing someone else’s property is of course much more fun isn’t it?

And yes, we nicknamed him Messi in a diaper – or Messi Diaper for short. Which has two puns (messy diaper and err..short coz Messi is short?) and a person ignorant about football all in the same sentence. Yours truly never went beyond Kyokushin Karate – but what the hell…I guess it was all worth it:)

More about that bit someday. See you tomorrow!