Of messages and distances…

Thank you everyone for your suggestions and comments on my post yesterday. The community brain does help!

Speaking of brains, I have recently discovered Haruki Murakami.

I stopped reading fiction many many years ago – life has many stories as it is – but after sampling Murakami I feel that I have been missing a taste on my palette.

He has a way of inserting famous and profound quotes into his stories and narratives that it almost feels as if those lines were written for that particular piece.

Let me delve a bit deeper and come up with some Murakami quotes (or insertions) in due course. For those who have read him, any suggestions?

Ok so back to my allergy – some good suggestions and possible remedies – have started working on them. Hopefully this clears soon (no pun intended).

I think somewhere as people, we have messed up the natural suggestion tree that was available to us earlier. The aunts, uncles, grandparents, neighbors – even relatives far and wide. In the days before the internet, a couple of phone calls used to get everyone in the know and some possible solutions to the problems at hand.

Today, we have WhatsApp but a lot less people whom we can count on. Ironic na?

I guess the world is becoming a smaller place, not in the sense of connectivity but in the sense of a claustrophobic loneliness of nuclear families and unknown neighbors.

Maybe this is why I write, to reach more people and try to dispel this self-induced darkness that we have brought upon ourselves.

Anyways, tomorrow is another day of sniffing and sniffing around. The former is a function of the nose of the day and the latter is the attempt to get rid of the former!

See you tomorrow:)