Of lightning and rumbles and grumbles all over…

Waterproofing and storm drains – never thought that I would have to think of these two words while staying in Dubai.

But then, I hadn’t thought that I would have to think of Sunday holidays and tax either so…

Anyways, cloud seeding or nature seething, the rains seem here to stay.

So do the aforementioned words, which many dwelling owners and renters are now realising sound deary and boring, but are an essential part of their ongoing existing in this (once) desert.

Some of my friends are emptying overflowing pools, others are grappling with power outages and water in basements, I for one had a little misadventure and ended up losing my license plate – it’s all happening.

First world problems this. We are so used to a life of comfort and non-interruption, that a little disruption to our otherwise relatively perfect existence can be catastrophic…at least in our minds. Someone in one group compared this to Katrina – not the heroine or the (my current fave) coffee outlet chain, but the hurricane – a bit rich to be fair. A lot rich actually.

Yes, we are not used to so much rain. It is inconvenient. But then, it’s ok. Happens. Cannot go around complaining about one lousy day out of 365. Just hoping that the damage is minimal. And that tomorrow is a better day.

As for today, here are some glimpses. Stay safe!