Of kids and entertainment…

Ok, so Rohāmrta has not gone out for 4 days, since he was sick. He is fine now, but cannot say the same about his dad…anyway.

The point is that the kid is quite irritated now. Now and then, he picks up the ball, goes to the main door, and tries to open it in vain. He was successful once, and didn’t get even a hundred yards before he was brought down in a tackle, rugby style.

No, the last part obviously didn’t happen. But the issue persists. How does one keep an 18-month old entertained?

There is TV, which is not my first preference. But a little TV time is needed for sure. The problem here is – do we run Cocomelon on loop, or can we mix and match it with light music, classical dance, animal planet and the like? Someone who makes such a varied playlist and gets it working, will be a very rich man someday.

Until that happens, the hapless parents continue their efforts (mostly in vain) to keep him occupied. Almost feel like Russell Crowe in his Maximus from the Gladiator avatar – Rohāmrta, ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED??

See you tomorrow!