Of independence and spirituality…

Two important days coming up.

The 75th day of our independence on the 15th, and Sri Krishna Janmashtami on the 19th.

Two events that shaped the future of our nation.

The birth of Sri Krishna was an important pillar in the foundation of our spiritual journey, and obtaining independence from foreign rule was an important pillar in our material journey.

Even though they happened 5000 years apart, they collectively play am important part in our mindset as Indians, as seekers of the truth, and as makers of our collective destiny.

We are rebuilding our nation yet, and the spiritual component is as important as any other – what defines us a a people should extend beyond intellectual and material achievements. India has long been known as the destination of spirituality, the land where five major world religions were born and have thrived.

Man seeks a higher knowledge, a more conscious way of looking at life, and India presents ample opportunities to seek and discover oneself.

The next twenty-five years will be those of acceleration. The foundations have been strengthened from the past 8 years, and now we move towards playing a larger role not just in the region, but in the world as well. We have to act responsibly, and bring to the table a fresh perspective – which moves from globalization to localization but as one family. Where collaboration is encouraged and not competition. Where everyone, from every nation and religion, moves towards a common goal – inner peace.

Looking forward to celebrating both occasions with fun and fervor!