Of Humanoids and Blocks of chains

The past week has seen a flurry of activity.

I have been on the phones constantly, speaking with clients on various topics in Fintech – crypto, blockchain, robotics, A.I, big data…

I go to YouTube and see an ad for a revolutionary Made-In-India Ola electric scooter – with a 7-inch display, operating system and “moods” – for the ride to sound different every time. Where is my Bajaj Chetak??

I open Twitter and Elon Musk casually drops a humanoid into the equation – to perform “mundane and boring tasks”, he says.

It is almost as if I am in an alternate reality – where these terms are normal and the usual (what I studied back in the day) never existed.

My clients speak of payment tech, and I am working with them on models that involve APIs (never mind if you don’t know the term) and ACH and gateways with technology initiating, executing and most importantly, LEARNING how and where we spend our money. Nothing like a free lunch remember?

And so here I am, at the crossroads, with a front-row ticket to the fast-changing tech landscape, one that promises the fourth revolution and the way we work, live and possibly everything else in between.

Me, with my eagerness and willingness to learn and adapt, with my reading prowess, still find it a bit difficult to keep up.

I wonder how the others manage to swim safely in this rising tide, or should I say, tsunami of information.

Do they even swim, or just get carried away, is the question.

Did our parents feel the same way when computers came on the scene? I see those movies of the 70s, without any of the tech that we use today, and I wonder what a world that may have been. Will our children feel the same about us, only much faster?

Education is broken. 16 years is too long a syllabus – skill upgrade is of the essence. The ones who survive this onslaught will be the ones who can learn new things fast, and keep doing this relentlessly. Learn, assimilate and execute.

But one will also have to slow down in a way. To balance this fast pace of learning and working. Meditation and focus on being calm will also have to increase, in order to avoid a burnout.

This is all very exciting. The possibilities of technology, the advancement of the human race…but along with it, comes responsibility. Both for yourself and the world at large. To ensure that many don’t get left behind – a bit of social mindfulness as well.

For now, I am chaining my blocks to humanoids, with the hope that I can decrypt any big data that substantiates the little artificial intelligence that I may have.

If that made sense to you…you are as crazy as I am. If it didn’t, you are saved. Mera Yeshu Yeshu, MERA YESHU YESHU! (refer Twitter to decipher that one).

See you tomorrow!