Of Holi changes…

I’m watching an intriguing new series on Apple TV – it’s called Severance.

Set in a fictional company called Lumon Industries, the workers of Severance have volunteered to allow their minds to be separated into work life and home life—a process called severance—with neither half having a memory of the other.

It’s engaging till now, and I found the premise to be a tongue-in-cheek take on today’s workplace. I’ve written about it many times before, and I find it very interesting to wonder about how the workplace will look a decade from now.

Will we all be collaborating from remote locations in the metaverse, with our avatars attending meetings while we log in from our couches? Or will all this fade away and will we find ourselves in the routine 9-5 once again?

It may be that we fall in between – not totally meta but surely not 9-5. We may find our work and personal selves blending seamlessly into each other, taking away the notion of me-time and work time. And this may not be a bad thing, since we will mostly choose when to work and when not to, rather than being tied in to specific work timings.

Changes are always tough to navigate, unless we align ourselves to the notion of change. Once we acknowledge that our comfort zones are not permanent, and once we look forward to discovering rather than seeking solace in the familiar.

The festival of Holi is all about change – a change in weather, a change in mindset, a change in openness and a change in the old to welcome the new. Today, on Holi, let’s resolve to be open to change. Come what may, our attitude and positivity determine the effect that circumstances have on us. Let’s not forget that.

See you tomorrow!