Of hobbies that aren’t…

Well surprise surprise! I added to my collection today. Earlier it used to be perfume bottles, nowadays its cough syrups. Apparently this one is to be administered with a spoon that’s so precarious to balance that one hint of a cough may spill the contents on the said spoon onto your clothes, or the ground. Where Rohāmrta lurks around, waiting for just these types of slip ups to swoop in and cause a mini heart-attack.

Anyways, whatever cures me of these silly recurring maladies.

Speaking of Rohāmrta, I’ve had to spend a lot of time away from him these 2-3 days, so as to not add to his (impressive) collection of syrups too. I dare say I would not fancy him penning this down as a hobby a few years down the road – collecting cough syrup bottles. Na. Better stay away and miss him now…

Here is something that I penned down last year. He used to crawl then – he runs now. But sometimes he gets onto all fours, possibly a bit nostalgic himself, and makes us remember those days too.

See you tomorrow!

As he crawls slowly towards you, and then faster,

Don’t you crawl towards him too?

As he tries to stand, fumbles and reaches out to you to stop from falling…

Don’t you reach out to him too?

As he takes his first steps, and stumbles a little,

Don’t you stumble a bit too?

And as he cries out sweet nothings, and speaks to you…

Don’t you speak to him too?

As he cries in pain, in hunger, or just because…

Don’t you feel the tinge too?

And as he laughs at the most silly things,

Don’t you laugh with him too?

As a parent, you are with him at every step,

every tear, every smile, and every breath

then why do things change, as time passes by

why don’t you laugh with him, why don’t you cry

Why don’t you hug him and hold him close, whispering his name in his ear

Why are you so afraid of showing love, what is your fear?

We lament on why kids grow up and space creeps in

but why don’t we see the obstinance that seeps in

into our thoughts, words and actions, in the way we grow apart

why? isn’t he the same beautiful heart?

A piece of you, a part of your own

is he really meant to disown?

children advance in years, and remain kids no more

but that is the way of life, so don’t be too sore

be a pal, a confidant, a companion and rediscover

the way you looked at him as a child, all the love you would shower,

It is never too late to change, to amend

be a parent, but don’t forget to be his true friend…