Of gold, silver and thought…

So, bought your gold and silver today?

If you did, well done!

If you didn’t, it’s not too late. Add a bit of richness to your thoughts, your speech, and your actions. Tomorrow is Choti Diwali, and then Badi Diwali and Laxmi puja. Two more days to get this done. Are you up to it?:)

In Sri Krishnananda’s words – “Bhagavati Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity, does not merely mean the Goddess of wealth in a material sense. Lakshmi does not mean only gold and silver. Lakshmi means prosperity in general, positive growth in the right direction, a rise into the higher stages of evolution. This is the advent of Lakshmi. Progress and prosperity are Lakshmi. In the Vishnu Purana we are told if Narayana is like the sun, Lakshmi is like the radiance of the sun. They are inseparable. Wherever Narayana is, there is Lakshmi. Wherever is divinity, there is prosperity.”

One more thing. From 2020, I started gifting a thali/basket to neighbors and friends in the community. Unlike the pre-made hampers that one can go and buy from the store, this basket is prepared by me, and includes some small but thoughtful items that I procure from multiple small stores. A bit of time and effort goes into this, but it all is worth it. This Deepavali, try and make something special for your family and friends. One can go and buy the best of hampers, but what you make from the heart can truly feel special, not just for the recipients, but for you as well.

Tell me if you do. See you tomorrow!

Deepavali in Ayodhya