Of four colors here, and four colors there…

A lot of people get in touch with me seeking jobs in the UAE.

I do try to help whenever I can.

But very few people come to me asking how to succeed in the UAE. Not that I am an authority on the subject, but I came here with nothing and I have done alright…I’ve seen ups and downs, and been fortunate enough to rise again, and again.

All this was not possible if the land itself was not forthcoming, not conducive for success.

The UAE is a place where many have made fortunes, some have lost, and very few have managed to go back with no real value addition.

I believe that like anywhere else, hard work is essential for success. But working in the UAE makes it a little bit easier, provided that you are willing to give it your all. Blood and sweat, and you will be rewarded for sure.

And so it’s time to celebrate this tiny, but unique place on the world map – one that has grown beyond anyone’s imagination, and along with it have grown thousands of individuals from all parts of the world.

Thank you UAE, for giving us an opportunity to prove ourselves, and rewarding us with a lifestyle that is on par with any first-world country.

You have strived hard, and we have strived with you. And will continue to do so. For me personally, it’s not just the UAE, but also India’s name that I carry along with me. I will work hard to keep the flags flying high!

Happy UAE National Day!