Of dining chairs and dandy legs…

Why do dining chairs have such delicate darling legs nowadays?

We are on the lookout for a few pieces of furniture so have been doing the virtual rounds across stores and one thing is common – the thin legs of the dining chairs. Almost if the collective BMI of the Dubai populace has reduced multiple percentage points, thus necessitating this design change. The rest of the chair looks fine, and well, costs quite a bit too. And one has to buy a whole set of chairs, else the design dies out (pretty quickly) leaving you in the lurch when you need more of the set.

The table was easier to zero in on, by comparison.

Anyways, a lot learnt on the way. A lot more to learn in the quest for the perfect pieces of wood and metal to grace the house and park one’s gluteus maximus. The older days were much easier to navigate – dining table set that included the table and chairs. Now it’s all a la carte.

A much bigger challenge looms, one that I will possibly tell you about once it’s done. Wish me luck!