Of coronas and monkeys…

COVID wanes, Monkeypox appears…

For those with COVID fatigue (which is most of us), a new headache looms. 80 confirmed cases in 12 countries, and counting.

Monkeypox does not tend to spread easily between people and the illness is usually mild. But a headache it is nevertheless.

What after this? Another virus? Has the world permanently changed in a way that we we will have to continue to face these disease outbreaks? Well, no one knows.

Good times have lasted for a relatively longer time now, and now bad times seem ahead. Higher inflation, stock markets on the downward trend and viruses at large. Oh, and wars. How does one keep the faith in such times?

Well, the keyword here is faith. Hope. Belief. Science is good and rational and (mostly) proven, but in times like these, faith and hope get us by. Prayer may not move mountains in reality, but it does provide you with confidence to face challenges, knowing that a larger force is behind you, supporting you through the way.

And so the years ahead are years of prayer, of bhakti, of sādhanā. Let go of habits that don’t do good to your karmic account, and be confident that this too shall pass.

Don’t despair. Keep smiling and face challenges with vigor and hope. We will surely triumph.

See you tomorrow!