Of big things and small things…

It’s good to be reminded of somethings sometimes.

So today, as you wake up to birds chirping outside, and as you step into the washroom you have running (and warm) water, spare a thought for the blessed life you have.

Yes, maybe you woke a hour too early or have to leave for work in a bit of traffic, but still – you have a workplace to go to…

When you return home, you can switch on the lights, order food from a selection of joints and sit back to watch TV, possibly sipping a drink or two. Yes, life is good, even if you don’t have half the things I mentioned.

Because we tend to complain if the delivery comes bit late, or there is no new movie on OTT. Small things make us unhappy.

But then, when you switch on the news and watch what’s happening, I hope these thoughts do cross your mind. At least you are not huddled in a metro station, hearing the sirens all around you. At least you are not part of an army that has to go into a new country, fighting people who don’t want to see you there…

Both sides suffer. The aggressor too. The sanctions will not make life easier for them, nor the blame. Humankind has lived for tens of thousand of years in conflict, so one cannot expect this fundamental human tendency to change – at least not so fast.

What we can do then, is reflect on our own lives, and know how lucky we are. And use this realisation to feel a bit more satisfied with our current quality of life. And make more efforts to spend it well.

Also pray for peace.

ॐ द्यौः शान्तिरन्तरिक्षं शान्तिः 
पृथिवी शान्तिरापः शान्तिरोषधयः शान्तिः ।
वनस्पतयः शान्तिर्विश्वेदेवाः शान्तिर्ब्रह्म शान्तिः 
सर्वं शान्तिः  शान्तिरेव शान्तिः सा मा शान्तिरेधि ॥
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

Om Dyauh Shaantir-Antarikssam Shaantih 
Prthivii Shaantir-Aapah Shaantir-Ossadhayah Shaantih |
Vanaspatayah Shaantir-Vishvedevaah Shaantir-Brahma Shaantih 
Sarvam Shaantih Shaantir-Eva Shaantih Saa Maa Shaantir-Edhi |
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

May peace radiate there in the whole sky as well as in the vast ethereal space everywhere.
May peace reign all over this earth, in water and in all herbs, trees and creepers.
May peace flow over the whole universe.
May peace be in the Supreme Being Brahman.
And may there always exist in all peace and peace alone.
Aum peace, peace and peace to us and all beings!