Of belief in the impossible…

Another of my co-workers amazed me today.

Our workplace is quite different from most. We work like a startup, even though we are well-established in our domain. We like to automate processes, make them more efficient, more lean, more easier for us to work with.

And so we work on our tasks, and also some projects on the side. The tasks take care of the daily work, the projects are more towards process automation and increasing efficiency. We learn a lot in the process – in fact, our tech stack is made up of software that we found, tested and implemented all on our own.

As we move towards the next step in our journey, we are working on making our company truly hybrid – tech first, one-of-a-kind. A mix and match of tech, ingenuity and talent that has not been seen in our field, not just in the UAE, but possibly anywhere else in the world. Each one of us is contributing a bit towards that goal.

Today, one of our offsite colleagues in India demonstrated an excel automation tool that she had built in a couple of weeks learning coding from the internet. Yes, all by herself, and that too without an explicit requirement or guidance from my side. She just thought of a better way to do things, and went about learning it and coming up with a prototype on her own. Fantastic!

Goes to show that learning is not restricted by time, or space. Just by imagination and intent.

An integral part of Kyokushin karate is tameshiwari – breaking tiles, bricks, ice, whatever can be broken. The only way you can do this, is to believe that you can do it. The hand shakes when you are unsure, and it doesn’t matter how much you have practiced, or how strong you are. If your hand shakes, you cannot break the tiles. And if you truly believe that you can, the hand slices through the tiles as a knife through butter. You have to believe hard enough.

To do something, you first have to believe.

To learn something, the same rule applies.

What I learnt very early in my life, and what got reinforced today, is that anyone can do anything. A world of possibilities exist for those who believe.

See you tomorrow!