Of apples and wearables…

Here it is! Another Apple event, and another set of iPhones, iPads and AirPods to wow our senses and empty our bank balances.

I love their products. But surely there is an end, or at least a slowing down, to the continuous line of phones that they come out with every year? How many times can one upgrade?

Actually, why should one upgrade?

A tough thing to resist, given the “buy now pay later” model that the world is currently enamored with. We all thought that the uncertainty that COVID brought with it would slow down the iPhone 12, but it unexpectedly ended up becoming the biggest-selling phone in many years!

Now, that people are slowly returning to their offices, pundits say that many more iPhone 13’s will sell…ah the human mind. Can never really predict it.

Anyways, wearables is where my attention is. The Watch, which is a fantastic piece of tech, the AirPods, which show much promise in potential healthcare applications, and the upcoming Apple Glasses, that can bring a new dimension to Augmented Reality.

Slowly, but surely, our perceived world is changing.

“Change the world” now acquires a new meaning, with everyone interacting with it in their own way. There will come a time when we will hide behind, or within, this augmented reality, and choose the way we want to think of how we lead our lives. Everyone in his or her own cocoon, indulging their senses and perceiving what their customized software shows them.

An escapist reality? Or a far richer one? You decide.

For now, watching Tim Cook bounce around claiming this iPhone is the “best ever”.

See you tomorrow!