Of abilities and attitudes…

What matters more? The ability to learn, or the attitude towards learning?

Some might argue that we don’t have the ability to learn anything and everything. After all, mental capacities differ.

Maybe, but that is not the point.

The ability to learn is a factor of the attitude towards learning. our educational system makes us take the wrong attitude towards learning – marks and comparative performance. True learning, on the other hand. is where one does not have to compete – for knowledge is universal and not comparative, and nor are marks and performance in exams any indication of knowledge of the subject.

Marks merely reflect the ability to memorize.

Positive attitude towards learning is characterized by जिज्ञासा – Jijñāsā – the desire to know. The eagerness to learn – and this can be to learn anything – from academics to martial arts and sports. The amount of जिज्ञासा determines if you are able to learn, and learn well. Else you may go through the motions, but seldom come close to achieving any progress in your quest to learn.

One has an unlimited ability to learn, and learn continuously. The only question that remains is – do you have जिज्ञासा?

See you tomorrow!