Nurseries online??

Had a team meeting today, and among other things, came to know that the son of one of my colleagues has been attending nursery…online.

Pray tell me, how does one get a 3-year old kid to take online classes??

It seems that they show him PowerPoints of A for Apple, B for Bat and the like. LOL. Common.

While I know that we all are long fedup with this Covid thing, taking nursery classes online is taking it a bit too far. No, actually, way too far.

A kid is meant to mingle (although that too can be a bit of an issue now), to discover the world and everything that comes along with it, to be curious, to try new things because everything is new to him…he is NOT meant to be sitting in front of a laptop starting at a screen and other hapless kids trying to desperately communicate a message that will surely translate as – What in God’s name am I doing here!

Well, if one points out the problem, one should ideally also have a solution at hand. Hmm..I guess most of us live in housing societies or apartment complexes, where there are possibly many sets of parents with kids to manage (I mean control, I mean run behind actually). Why don’t they get together and get something done? The parents can come up with some activities, and engage the kids constructively.

It has to be a community effort – after all, before nurseries (and online), that was how it was done wasn’t it?

Do you have any ideas? I would love to know them. My kid isn’t very far from the nursery/playschool thingy, and I want to ensure that he has the best chance to develop constructively – I need to read up more about this.

Experienced parents (last 4-5 years) – am looking for advice:)

See you tomorrow!