Nineteen done, six to go…

Well, I finished the nineteenth Vetāla yesterday, and there are six more to go.

I hope that you are enjoying these stories.

As I had stated before, a lot of them sound incredible, many may even seem pointless.

But rest assured, each one of these stories can be read differently, with a deeper meaning, and result in a closer look at human behaviour. I will attempt to give you my take on some of these stories once I finish the series, to set the tone for an alternate reading.

For now, you can just read them as they are meant to be – tales that entertain.

If you fancy the videos, you can find them here:

The more important task at hand – what next?

I have been looking out for series that I can take on, and I have a couple that made the shortlist, but would be great if you could suggest some as well. Ideally, Sanskrit-based manuscripts that I can work on. Let’s have some ideas!

I did think of the Bhagavad Gita, but for that, I would need a different approach, and a lot of personal sādhanā that I would not be able to carry out at this time in life. But I will surely write that series one day.

Kālidasā’s plays are another possibility.

We have all read Shakespeare, but what about Kālidasā’?

They are best enjoyed in Sanskrit, but there should be a way of making them more engaging than the mundane and dry English translations that we have come across…Let’s see.

For now, six more Vetālas. And the last among them is the climax, that may tie everything together. Keep reading!

to be continued…