My baby speaks to me!

Babies cry.

Sometimes little, sometimes a lot.

Sometimes when we least expect them to.

And sometimes when we least want them to.

As parents, we care for them, but get frustrated when they don’t stop crying. Parents try everything to soothe the baby, some steps work, other’s don’t. Some work sometimes, and sometimes not.

So a lot of permutations and combinations to try out, given that the toddler cannot speak to you.

But a toddler can communicate. Oh yes, and they communicate a lot. Without filters, for filters come later – when they begin to understand things. But around the 1 year old mark, they are the purest form of crying that you are going to get. Before the tantrums start:)

It’s our fault that we are unable to understand them. It’s like asking for directions in an unknown city, and in an unknown language. Now imagine the child facing this everyday. “I am telling you this, screaming this out to you, why don’t you understand!” is what he or she is telling us. Unfortunately for us, we sometimes hear, but don’t listen.

We cannot make our children be what we want them to be. We can steer them in a direction, but not command. And surely not when they are one. Parenting is an experience in itself, with so much to learn. We think that we are teaching a child, but in most cases, it’s the other way around. We are learning everyday, about unconditional caring, about unending patience, and dealing with our fears and apprehensions.

For children do turn out ok. It’s only when they start their journey towards adulthood when the mess happens:)

See you tomorrow!