Mend your relationship with nature…

Times like this are a wake-up call for many, for the collective. Everything cannot, and should not be about more work, and more profit, and more luxury, and more growth, not at the expense of what matters most – our health, our family, our environment. 

Did you realise that clothes have become cheaper over the last two decades? That you are buying more clothes per year that you ever were? That they last much lesser than they used to?

And what about food? Here are some facts, for you to think about:

Every culture since the dawn of agriculture has relied on grains as the foundation of their diet. They were (and are) inexpensive because they were (and are) easy to grow in quantity. Virtually everyone ate grains: rice, wheat, corn, millet, depending on the region. Grains were staples. In some places, the aristocracy ate meat as a delicacy, and this was a rare occurrence. Cut to today, and our diet consists of heavily processed foods, excessive meat and sugars. This unsustainable diet not only takes a toll on our health, but also on nature. 

And yes, nature does strike back, once in a while. When it does, we are but too small to fight back. Aren’t we?

Re-evaluate your diet. That most of the viruses in recent times had their origins in meat is no small coincidence. Reduce your dependence on processed foods. Eat more natural foods, and eat only as much as you require. Don’t waste. Reduce your dependence on plastics. Use sustainable bags for your weekend shopping. When ordering out, tick the ‘do not send cutlery’ option. Be mindful when making any purchase – be it food or clothes.

Be thankful to nature for providing such hospitable conditions for us humans to live and thrive. It pains to see people walking around in masks…

we inherited the most habitable corner of the known universe, and is this what we have made of it?