Learning is a superpower

The importance of the ability to learn is understated.

And the importance of the ability to learn continuously is grossly understated.

Gone are the days when one could study for 10-15 years, and then spend the rest of one’s life milking the benefits.

Now, what you learn today is obsolete tomorrow.

I believe that textbooks for most subjects will stop coming out in physical copies within the next 5 years. There is no point in it. Why print and waste paper on a static piece of information, when dynamic, and more importantly, easily updatable electronic versions are possible?

In this scenario, learning in bits and bytes is more important, than spending half a lifetime in studying yesterday’s information.

Updating oneself through skill-based training, online academies, quick courses, all part of the fast evolving educational overhaul.

More importantly, continuous learning, throughout your career and beyond. And the ability to learn quickly, and unlearn – are critical for being relevant in tomorrow’s workforce.

Reading about new paradigms, putting things into perspective, digesting information, understanding new business models – this continues, and does not stop. EVER.

The world is changing, and changing rapidly. Learn to learn, and learn to unlearn. This is what will keep you excited in your field of work, and in some cases, will help you change your field when it becomes obsolete.

I learn everyday. At least 45 minutes to an hour of reading, and a new subject every 15-20 days. Keeps me invigorated. Do try it too!