Leading by example…

Work, work and more work.

Work is good. But when it is Ramadan, it gets tough, given the reduced timings. Am thankful that my team is braving it out in spite of this. It gives me strength to work even harder, for leadership has to always be by example.

कर्मणैव हि संसिद्धिमास्थिता जनकादय: |
लोकसंग्रहमेवापि सम्पश्यन्कर्तुमर्हसि || 20||
यद्यदाचरति श्रेष्ठस्तत्तदेवेतरो जन: |
स यत्प्रमाणं कुरुते लोकस्तदनुवर्तते || 21||

karmaṇaiva hi sansiddhim āsthitā janakādayaḥ
loka-saṅgraham evāpi sampaśhyan kartum arhasi
yad yad ācharati śhreṣhṭhas tat tad evetaro janaḥ
sa yat pramāṇaṁ kurute lokas tad anuvartate

By performing their prescribed duties, King Janak and others attained perfection. You should also perform your duties to set an example for the good of the world. Whatever actions great persons perform, common people follow. Whatever standards they set, all the world pursues.

Leaders derive their credibility, respect and power from their unwavering commitment to walking the talk. This is because, if the leaders say something and do something else, followers will not take the leader very seriously. Rather, they will behave in a similar fashion as their leader and the result is naught.

यदि ह्यहं न वर्तेयं जातु कर्मण्यतन्द्रित: |
मम वर्त्मानुवर्तन्ते मनुष्या: पार्थ सर्वश: || 23||

yadi hyahaṁ na varteyaṁ jātu karmaṇyatandritaḥ
mama vartmānuvartante manuṣhyāḥ pārtha sarvaśhaḥ

For if I did not carefully perform the prescribed duties, O Parth, all men would follow My path in all respects.

Therefore Krishna warns Arjuna that he needs to lead by example.

Leaders in a sense lose some freedom, since the world watches them, and follows their every move. And this is true for every single person, since we all play leadership roles in our own small (or large) ways.

This is very relevant in case of growing children…A child looks up to parents, elders and teachers, to imbibe a set of value systems that more or less get set in stone as he progresses towards teenage life. Hence it is our responsibility, individually and collectively, to set a good example at every stage, to guide our children both explicitly and implicitly, to become responsible adults, with a good set of values.

And so the next time you find yourself doing something that is morally not justified – think about the example you are setting for the next generation. You will find a very easy way to course-correct:)

See you tomorrow!