Of larks and owls…

Are you a lark, or an owl?

Studies have shown that a majority of us follow a similar energy pattern – growing in the morning, reaching a peak around noon, crashing in the afternoon (2-4 pm) and then recovery post that. 

A few follow the owl pattern – recovery in the morning, crash in the afternoon, and then moving towards a peak in the evening. 

People who are in creative fields tend to be owls, they say. 

And so, early to bed, early to rise, may not work for everyone. 

The common factor is the crash in the afternoon – and so it has been recommended that important decisions are taken in the morning (lark) or evening (owl)…

Decisions taken in the afternoon are usually hasty, and do not take into consideration all the factors that are required.

Goes to show that knowing the ‘when’ is as important as knowing the ‘how’…

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