Heaven Of Rocks, Pegadungan Beach, Indonesia
© Gunarto Song, Jakarta, Indonesia

This photo was taken at Pegadungan Beach, Sumatera, In-donesia an area noted for its exotic and rarely visited beaches. To reach this spot it took four hours from the city of Bandar Lampung by car, a one hour motorcycle ride traveling over damaged and sometimes dangerous roads then a 15 minute walk. This photo was taken with a single shot.
A Planet With Mt. Fuji, Yamanashi, Japan
© Takashi, Tokyo, Japan

On a sunny winter day while driving through a forest in Yamanashi Prefecture I came upon an open space where I could see Mt. Fuji. Strange shaped clouds were gathering and flowing over the summit of Mt. Fuji. It was a very impressive and unusual site. I photographed it by using a long exposure and converted it to black and white. It is a very wonderful and impressive photograph and makes me feel as if I were on another planet. It was an amazing and wonderful scene of nature.
Yufugawa Valley, Beppu, Japan
© Keisuke Iwamoto, Sapporo, Japan

Yufu River Gorge is a 15 to 60 meter deep canyon that has been eroded by the Yufu River. The face of the canyon walls are smooth rock and the area has a total of 40 water-falls creating a unique landscape. The day I took this photo the rain that had started in the morning caused the Yufu River to rise. The usually thin small waterfalls also gained momentum because of the rain and I was blessed with a scene I could probably have never seen. In order to capture the flow of the dark rocky canyon walls and the bright soft waterfalls, I carefully setup my tripod in the middle of the flowing river.
Winter In Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia
© Laily Hassan, Lahad Datu, Malaysia

Lake Baikal is the oldest and deepest lake in the world. During winter especially in February and March, the lake’s surface is frozen solid and becomes the main sighseeing site in the Irkust region. The extraor-dinarily pure and transparent surface of the frozen lake makes it a landscape photographers paradise. For this photo, my friends and I encountered subzero temperatures. Since it was snowing the night before, most of the lake was covered by snow however we managed to find an area with transparent ice on the surface where bubbles of methane gas can be seen below the surface of the frozen lake. I positioned my camera at a low angle and pointed it up toward the rock, I managed to get a few shots as the sun rose above the lake casting its golden light upon the lake.
Mt. Bromo’s Eruption, Mt. Bromo, Indonesia
© Riksa Dewantara, Surabaya, Indonesia

I happened to be in the area when the alert status was raised to the second highest level. During the sunrise, I saw the color of the smoke changing to be oranger than usual once the sun was shining on it. I immediately took a picture of it outside of a hotel balcony.
Kumtag Desert, Xinjiang, China
© Wong Kok Leong, Ipoh, Malaysia

The Kumtag Desert is located in Xinjiang, China. We set off in the winter to shoot in the desert. The desert surface in the morning was covered with a thin layer of frost. The combination of smooth lines is very beautiful. The natural light shines on the desert and presents rich layers. This was a fantastic scene that I shot with a middle telephoto lens, of which I was very happy to have captured.
Mystical Borobudur
© Handi Laksono, Indonesia
Like a meteor shower
© Yusuke Hayashi, Hokkaido, Japan
Mystery land
© Min Tan, Sarawak, Malaysia
© Yoshikazu Miyajima, Tajimi, Japan
© Yumiko Nakagami, Hokkaido, Japan
© By Hiroshi Tanita, Sapporo, Japan
The big clouds
© Takashi, Tokyo, Japan