Just for you…

As I lie back and watch the blue sky

Clouds, shapes, a bit of sun peeping from around the corner…

A beautiful sight, a moment in time, frozen, my own, just for me.

I capture it on my phone, and instantly work on optimising it

more color, less glare, in pursuit of the perfect picture…

But was it not perfect before, when I saw it with my eyes?

Why do we feel the need to please…not ourselves but others,

why upload that photo for many to like…to share that moment,

something personal, something that was unique, now not yours anymore…

Was it not enough to savor it, feel it warm your heart,

and then wait for the cloud to move on..why freeze it in time

and make it not so unique anymore?

But I want to remember it, to see it again, and again

and feel the same way..

Can you? Can you recreate nature herself, posing for you?

Or does that still picture come close to doing the scene any justice?

The gentle breeze, that nip in the air, those subtle sounds of laughter

no picture can capture them…they were yours and yours only

until you decided to miss a beat or two, and take a photo instead.

Why watch the world through a lens, when one can taste it in person?

Some moments are made just for you…

Some moments are made…just for you…