Independence of thought…of action…


What is it about today that we actually celebrate?
Lets see.
We release a movie based not on a revered freedom fighter, but a loathed criminal.
We spend the day as a holiday, shopping and watching TV.
We hardly remember whom to thank for our freedom (for there are so many)
We watch an uninspiring “canned response” speech from the Red Fort
And we are unhappy that Independence day didn’t fall on a Friday this time (extended weekend denied)

Today we are independent, with the staple diet of the poor hitting 80-100 rupees a kilo,
with our rupee touching new lows to the dollar,
with corruption reaching new highs,
with polarization on the basis of caste and religion…

But you know what?

It is never too late.

Lets start from today. We have survived for thousands of years, our culture is strong, diverse and yet united. We have seen bad times, and good, and yet grown from strength to strength. Cannot sit around waiting for change to happen, since that change has to come from us.

We have the power. Of the vote. Of saying NO to corruption. Of saying YES to cleanliness of our city and country. Lets use it.

We can blame the UPA for all our troubles, but then, we voted them to power. Let us not blame our politicians, and also think that Modi with a magic wand will make a big difference. No, one person cannot do it. Whoever comes to power, it is WE who have to make the difference. Each one of us.

India is over 5000 years old, and over 50% young. We can do it, yes we can.

And lets start from today. Be patriotic, not in words, but in actions.

Only then can we be truly independent.

Only then can we truly celebrate our Independence day.

Wish you all a new beginning…Happy Independence day!

Jai Hind! Vande Mataram!