I have to cancel Starzplay…

This time, cricket is the winner:(

As I write this, the Indian team is at the brink of defeat. An unbeaten streak throughout the World Cup comes to an end, and a billion hearts are broken…for a couple of days.

For life moves on….bills have to be paid, families are to be taken care of, work has to be done. And my sparkling new subscription of Starzplay has to be cancelled – it lasted a day (I took it just for the finals).

Would have been great if they had won. But it’s ok. Being a sportsman myself, I understand the feeling. Just have to get up, dust off the disappointment, and practice once again.

We decided to celebrate by having a good dinner. My kid is watching, and it’s important for him to know that life has successes and failures, but we don’t whine excessively when we fail and we don’t go crazy too long when we win. He may be too young to realize this now, but I think it’s important for his parents to start practicing it first:)

And it’s still India…INDIA!