Saw a good movie today – Hunger on Netflix. It’s a Thai movie, and I recommend seeing it in Thai, rather than English. There are subtitles of course.

The movie is about the world of fine dining – one that is fiercely competitive and full of stress. It takes a lot to come out with the wonderful creations that they do, and even more to stay relevant in a field where the consumers constantly want something new to savor.

Good performances, and a very insightful look into how on one hand, people are willing to pay top dollar for food, and on the other hand, people struggle to earn enough to eat 2 square meals a day. The same ingredients by and large, but what a difference otherwise.

It’s the hunger for more experiences, says the protagonist, and not for food. What you eat represents your social status – he continues – it has nothing to do with love. The poor eat to satisfy their hunger, but when you have more than enough to eat, your hunger doesn’t end. Your hunger for approval, for something special, for experiences.

Food for thought!