How deep is deep?

So the deep cleaning was not so deep after all.

Basically, a glorified wipe down, with the pièce de résistance being a machine whose claim to fame is that it gets rid of grout. Or at least, claims to, since it’s apparent that the stubbornness of the grout trumped the ambitions of the machine.

But at least a start in the right direction. Now comes the hard part. First, a Kondo of sorts that will take 2-3 months. You can read more about that process here. Then, sorting and stacking. And the most important (and difficult) part of it all – maintaining the damn thing.

A long road ahead.

Much like the difference between what we are, and where we want to be. It always seems like we are at least two steps behind our ideal selves, how much ever we try to catch up. For instance, we may see ourselves as so disciplined in maintaining meal times, but we inadvertently manage to slip up. Or we may see ourselves as fit, well-groomed individuals, but reality strikes when we see the mirror in the morning.

I guess what matters is letting go of perfectionism and take an attitude of iterative, adaptive change. It may take years to achieve perfection, but what is perfection inherently, if not a sum total of incremental, positive iterations? A little bit every day adds up towards the overall progress, doesn’t it?

While you ponder on that one, let me get cracking on step 2 of the grand (or grandiose) plan to sort my house. See you soon!