Hiring and then some…

So we are on a hiring mini-spree.

Back to interviews, shortlisting and final rounds. Meeting new people. Learning new things. All in the hope that we find the right fit, and they do too! Exciting times:)

Here is something from the last time we had this exercise…

So I interviewed someone for a senior position today.

She had worked for 25 years in her last organization. In fact, that was the first and only job that she has had till date.

Got me thinking on a few things. One – a quarter of a century in one company is nothing short of a miracle these days. Second and more importantly – I wonder what the person went through when making this decision of finally letting go. To put things in perspective, she has more time at this one company than I have had a career, and then some!

Interviews are a good way to connect with people and know more about them, what they think and what drives them. Many interviewees start nervously, but once they realize that we are just having a conversation, they open up and let us know each other, rather than have some template questions and answers.

One person I interviewed around a year back confessed that her real interest lay in painting and she wanted to work just to fill in the time between her canvases. Another said that she loved the fact that she could work flexible timings, because she took classes for kids some afternoons. A lot more such instances that make interviews more interesting, since there are actual answers and not some cookie-cutter responses.

Anyways, at the end of it all, we want to hire the right person, and also want them to get into the right company. It works both ways yes?

See you tomorrow!