Here we go again…


In early 2020, I had penned down some thoughts of mine that went on to become “Love in the times of Corona”. I would hesitate to call it a book since it was never meant to be one. Instead, it was a random set of thoughts that came together as I watched the world change, perhaps for ever, in front of our eyes. 

It has been two years since, and while COVID seems on it’s last lap, we don’t really know for sure. Vaccines were found, but are they enough? Two doses were supposed to make us immune to the virus, and then came along a booster, with some countries advocating the fourth and the fifth. Some ‘experts’ say that we may need a booster every year henceforth. Also, doctors have been reporting a marked increase in flu-type maladies in the past few months, and monkeypox has appeared on the horizon…

Businesses are struggling, jobs may soon be lost, and we are staring at a possible recession, perhaps the largest and most prolonged in recent memory. 

In these times, how does one stay positive? 

And so I revisited what I wrote back then, and here are a few thoughts that I have penned down, in no particular order. Consider them to be musings of a fellow traveler, in the journey called life. 

As the great sage Yogananda once said – Your trials did not come to punish you, but to awaken you.

You are welcome to reproduce some, or all parts of these notes, on the net, on WhatsApp, on Facebook, or any other media that you can possibly think of. 

Just one condition – learn from it, implement the small things that I’ve talked about, and more importantly – spread the word. 

Coz copyrights can bring in money, but money can’t buy you happiness:)

Wish you a pleasant read, and an even more pleasant life ahead…