Should we grow our own food?

Do you think that we should grow our own food, whenever we can?

Well, not all of it. But at least enough so that we can stay in touch with it, and pass it on to the next generation. 

For thousands of years, we ate what we grew. And then the Industrial Revolution changed us in a way that we never went back. 

We lost touch with the soil, the water, the plants, nature – an intimacy that is so integral to us – we are made from it. 

What we eat – becomes us. Given that, don’t you think that we need to maintain a closer connection to our food?

It isn’t difficult to start – even a small kitchen garden with a few herbs, and bamboo, can help. Tending to plants, watering them, taking care of them, borrowing their leaves and fruits to consume, and thanking them for it. 

An excellent way to unwind everyday – stress buster, for close to zero cost. Try it!

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