Go watch it!

Well, I saw a movie after a long time.

Ever since the birth of Rohāmrta, we haven’t really got the opportunity to step out to the cinema, but today we did.

And so at 2.45 pm, finally stepped into a space that was nearly second home to me a few years back.

An IMAX, no less. Because no other screen could have done justice to the movie I saw.

Although I haven’t seen the first one, the trailer was enough to blow me away.

Top Gun Maverick, that goes to showcase why Tom Cruise is at the top of his game. Mission Impossible, Jack Reacher and this – the franchises are enough to keep him going. And the stunts he comes up with, all performed by himself, pushes to the limits of cinema. And we love it.

Top Gun is perfect in every way. Was I biased because it was my first big-screen outing after a long time? I don’t think so. The breathtaking visuals, the engaging storyline, and the thrill of dogfighting – the movie ticked every box. To watch a star outdoing himself every time is a treat!

Reached back satisfied, and awaiting my next outing to the movies…and back to work…see you tomorrow!