Fixing a marriage…

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As soon as she said this, she made a noose with a cloth, fastened it to a branch of the aśoka tree next to the temple, and said…

“My lord Jīmūtavāhana! You are renowned in the three worlds for your compassion, yet, why haven’t you been compassionate and rescued me!”

And as she was saying this, and tying the noose around her neck, she heard a voice from the skies…

Illustration by the renowned Karatholuvu Chandrasekaran Shivashankaran

पुत्रि मा साहसं कार्षीश् चक्रवर्ती पतिस् तव ।
विद्याधरेन्द्रो जीमूतवाहनो हि भविष्यति ॥ १२,२३.७६ ॥

इत्य् उक्तवत्यां देव्यां स श्रुत्वैव सवयस्यकः ।
जीमूतवाहनो हृष्टां प्रियाम् उपजगाम ताम् ॥ १२,२३.७७ ॥

सैष देव्या वरः पश्य वितीर्णः सत्य एव ते ।
इति जल्पति बालां तां तन्मित्रे मुनिपुत्रके ॥ १२,२३.७८ ॥

जीमूतवाहनस् तत् तद् ब्रुवन् प्रणयपेशलम् ।
स्वहस्तेनैव तं तस्याः कण्ठात् पाशम् अपानयत् ॥ १२,२३.७९ ॥

ततो ऽकस्मात् सुधावर्षम् इव मन्वानयोस् तयोः ।
भुवं मलयवत्यां च लिखन्त्यां ह्रीतया दृशा ॥ १२,२३.८० ॥

“My dear, don’t be hasty and reckless! No one else but Jīmūtavāhana, the future king of the Vidyādharas, shall be your husband!”

As the voice said this, Jīmūtavāhana also heard it and looking around, saw his beloved and went up to her, his friend accompanying him.

“See, this is the same groom that the Devi has selected for you!”

And Jīmūtavāhana, uttering many sweet words to console her, removed with his own hands the noose from her neck. They stood close to each other, with him whispering sweet nothings, and Malayavatī bushing, her eyes drawing imaginary lines on the ground beneath her feet.

चिन्वानागत्य सहसा सखी हृष्टा जगाद ताम् ।
सखि कल्याणिनी दिष्ट्या वर्धसे ऽभीष्टसिद्धितः ॥ १२,२३.८१ ॥

अद्यैव हि महाराजस् तव विश्वावसुः पिता ।
कुमारमित्रावसुना विज्ञप्तः संनिधौ मम ॥ १२,२३.८२ ॥

इहागतो जगन्मान्यस् तात कल्पतरुप्रदः ।
विद्याधरेन्द्रतनयो यो ऽयं जीमूतवाहनः ॥ १२,२३.८३ ॥

अतिथित्वात् स नः पूज्यो वरश् चान्यो न तादृशः ।
तस्मान् मलयवत्यासौ कन्यारत्नेन पूज्यताम् ॥ १२,२३.८४ ॥

तथेति श्रद्धिते राज्ञा भ्राता मित्रावसुः स ते ।
तादर्थ्येन महाभागस्यास्याश्रमपदं गतः ॥ १२,२३.८५ ॥

जाने सद्यश् च भावी ते विवाहस् तत् स्वमन्दिरम् ।
आयाहि यातु चैषो ऽपि महाभागः स्वम् आस्पदम् ॥ १२,२३.८६ ॥

इत्य् उक्ता सा तया सख्या राजपुत्री शनैस् ततः ।
ययुः सहर्षा सोत्का च मुहुर् वलितकंधरा ॥ १२,२३.८७ ॥

That moment, one of her maids came looking for her, and upon seeing her, said to her joyfully…

“My friend! You are so lucky to have got what you desired; your wish is fulfilled! I heard prince Mitrāvasu speak to his illustrious father. He said…”

“Father, Jīmūtavāhana, the prince of the Vidyādharas, the one who gave away the kalpa-vrksha for the good of humanity…has come here. We should honor him and take the opportunity to host him.”

“Also, there is no one else in this wide world who can be a better match for my sister. And so I think that we should arrange her marriage to Jīmūtavāhana…”

“The king felt happy at this suggestion and approved of the marriage, and so your brother has now gone to meet Jīmūtavāhana’s parents and discuss this with them. So let’s go back to the palace to make preparations, and let your would-be husband also return home, so that he can make preparations as well!”

Malayavatī blushed even more, and her heart felt light with happiness at this news. She slowly accompanied the maid back to the palace, frequently turning around to see Jīmūtavāhana as she walked away.

to be continued…