Fauda fauda…

Fauda Fauda!

Yes, the series Season 4 that premiered this weekend on Netflix, and the fauda in our collective health since the beginning of 2022. We have been taking alternating turns at the clinic, and today Rohāmrta came to visit and have a nightcap at the same hospital where he was born a couple of years back.

This flu season has been chaotic, both for adults and children, and none of the meds seem to help. We just keep taking more varieties of tabs and syrups, all in repeat mode. As adults, I guess its annoying but manageable, but with kids, it becomes quite painful to watch.

Anyway, writing this from the hospital as he tries to sleep, vary of the unfamiliar surroundings and the appendage attached to his wrist. A long week ahead, with two major clients visiting, and some important personal tasks as well, but all that comes after what I have at hand. A baby with a fever and a passion to challenge the catheter attached to his hand, well because that’s the thumb that puts him to sleep!

Yes, also Fauda, which is so engaging that you just can’t stop at one. Doron, Doron, go get em!