Express yourself…

One of my team members wants to write. Aha!

She is interested in taking up content writing, and wanted to undertake a course. I suggested that she first practice to write, just write without any pre-determined topic or structure.

It’s called free writing, in which one does not go back to correct anything that they have written, not even pause to think. You just have to write, and keep writing for a few minutes a day, until you get a certain flow. Once done, you can then build on it, and then find your voice.

And the best way to write, is to write for yourself. The more you think of the possible audience, the more you tend to get pressurized into writing for them, rather than treat it as a medium to explore your thoughts and emotions. Yes, the end result may have to be palatable for people to read, but if that is your only consideration, then you may end up not treating this as an exercise in expression. Commercials do not dictate expression:)

It is the same with painting, dance, or any art for that matter.

Have you tried to express yourself through art? How did it go? Tell me about it!