Doesn’t sound like the next installment of the Vetāla series does it?

Well, the fact is that it isn’t.

I started to write everyday, a little more than a year back.

Today, I have decided to end the streak.

365+ days is not bad in itself, but had to end someday.

I feel it’s time to explore other avenues, and so have taken the conscious decision to stop writing for the time being.

I may return, I may not.

I wish you enjoy what has been already written, and I hope my writings made a small difference in your daily lives.

Water flows, and so does life.

All you have to do is immerse yourself in it.

What happens is beyond one’s control, where and how the river flows is not for the fish to decide…

But the fish can choose to swim with the tide, and not against it.

Yes, a lot of people speak of swimming against the tide, which is nice in theory, but practically is pretty stupid.

You may swim for a bit, but at the end of it, you cannot beat the river now can you?

We actually assign a lot more importance to ourselves – we are but a speck in the vastness of the universe.

To think that we can change the world, is foolishness.

What you can do, is change yourself.

And how does one change? But introspection.

Not by going to fancy classes, or taking courses – one can only change if one looks within.

Without the ego playing spoilsport.

Without the intellect, which we use to make judgements.

Just a pure, non-partisan look at oneself.

And yes, when you do, you will also have the ability to look at others, without ego and intellect.

And then you will be able to understand the true meaning of everything you think, you see and you read.

For instance, you must be wondering where this blog is going, and what I am trying to say.

All I want you to know is that today is the first of April.

So if you reached so far, thank you for reading.

And I ain’t gong anywhere. Will just end up coming closer:)

See you tomorrow!