Eat a frog?

Eating frogs is tough.

In case you are wondering if I changed to an alternate (and alarming) diet of croakers, especially after extolling the virtues of being vegetarian, the answer is no.

Eat that Frog is the title of a book by Brian Tracy, where he speaks about how to start your day with your most unpleasant tasks. You should read it – it really works.

Today, as I had a conversation with my team members, I realized that the habit runs deep. And we all are guilty of it. Modus operandi being this – we start the day with our phones, even before we wake up fully. Work starts and we choose the easy tasks first, keeping the worst for the last. And as the day progresses, the probability of tackling that task reduces exponentially, and soon the day ends and the task remains undone.

Repeat the next day, and the next…

Eating frogs takes effort. But the results are great. I’ve tried it many times and it just works. Unfortunately, it’s not a habit just yet. But am working on it. Hopefully soon!

Here is something related that I wrote a few months back. Goes to show that things don’t change that fast!

A break from the Gāyatri series today. Not in practice, just the blog.

A few things caught my attention today. One – how difficult (or easy) it is to make a child sleep – depends on the day, the quantity and quality of food, and above all – the hair dryer sounds on loop. I still find it funny that children zzzz to hair dryer sounds, so much so that there is a mini-industry out there on YouTube and Apple Music, filled with ‘soothing vaccum cleaner and hair dryer sounds’ for babies. So much for creativity.

Nevertheless, as a parent, I ain’t complaining – far from it. Nor is the baby for that matter. So when all parties are happy and satisfied, why change it if it ain’t broken?

Still on the topic of kids, we are learning to communicate a little. I start to whisper sweet nothings as soon as he wakes, and throughout the day, to which I receive a grateful “teh teh”. Sometimes “Toh Toh”. I guess both mean the same, since he seems equally pleased during both interactions. He started the customary “daa daaa” and “mammamma mmaa”, but they now seem to have taken a backseat to teh teh, which means I am happy, or excited, or curious, or angry. Everything really, but surely not “hungry”. He is bit old-school when it comes to this – he err…cries. Like most babies do.

I also solved a long-pending issue with one of our websites today. Although I cannot code, and I am hardly a webmaster, I just got down to it since it had to be done. A few clicks here and there got me logged in (that was the first issue), and then I managed to locate how to reconnect the forms to my CRM by inserting code into the backend. Yeah it was a bit complicated, but I managed it.

6 months after it was first brought to my attention.

Which goes to show just how deep our tendency to procrastinate really is. We don’t even get down to attempt what we don’t like, even if it is easy. We delay and delay until the inevitable. Much like our exercise routines, or diets…there is always a tomorrow.

Only that there isn’t. If you need to get something unpleasant done, don’t waste time planning for it – you are just making an excuse for yourself by pushing it to the next day or week. JUST DO IT. Eat that Frog.

No no don’t go looking for frogs to deep fry – Eat that Frog is the title of a book by Brian Tracy, where he speaks about how to start your day with your most unpleasant tasks. You should read it – it really works.

And so the day ends with the baby sleeping peacefully, and the triumphant father penning down his thoughts…what will tomorrow bring? Looking forward to it!