Can you do it?

The issue is not that you are not capable of doing it…the issue is that I know you are capable but you don’t.

A phrase (or a close derivative) that I have found myself repeating often – to karate’s who I taught, to employees, even to family.

The starting point for most people is “I cannot do it”. They then work backwards from there and try to end up getting it done, or if not, already had an excuse to begin with.

“I cannot learn this”, or “I cannot understand this”…and a lot more cannots.

My starting point has always been the opposite. And maybe this is why, I can do a lot more varied things that the average Joe. I just don’t get the cannot to interfere with what I want to get done.

So the next time you encounter something new, or need to get something done, something that you may not know how to do, or what to do, take that cannot out of you and throw it in the nearest bin. And then go on to just getting it done.

You will surprise yourself (and possibly thank me too).

See you tomorrow!