Beyond the six…

Yesterday was all about what we have been doing.

Today is about what we want to do.

The good thing about goals is that you get to choose them. Back in the day, there was a standard Vision and Mission statement that was hung upon a wall someplace in every office – big or small. Usually some long winded, verbose piece copied from someone else, or so lofty that it was deemed unachievable the moment it landed on that wall.

We don’t want to be the best consultants ever, or the biggest, or the strongest, or anything else for that matter. I think every company has a culture, and some have a forced culture, but in my opinion, there is one phrase that can possibly define us as a team, as a company. One phrase that encompasses our company culture, our way of working, our attitude towards everything that we do.

That phrase is – Keep on learning.

That’s what it all boils down to. No matter how many degrees or certifications you have, the ability to learn continuously separates us from the rest. People always confuse education with intelligence – education is what you have learnt, the theory, whereas intelligence is the right application of that theory. In a work situation, intelligence is also the ability to constantly learn and unlearn, and to handle complicated situations, and think on the go.

All this is possible if you keep on learning, if you have the attitude to keep on learning.

Jeff Bezos once said that he isn’t sure that Amazon will be around in the next 20-30 years, now this is the promoter of one of the biggest companies there is…if Jeff isn’t sure how long Amazon will last, who are we:) Quality of life trumps quantity (how long we live) anyway, and so is it with companies. At 10 Leaves, we don’t focus on growing big, rather – we want to focus on improving ourselves, our work and life experiences, through learning. Growth comes with time and the right effort, as we have seen. With growth also comes the danger of slacking, of thinking that we have done it – that’s when the downward trend tends to begin.

And so, keep on learning.

We currently implement multiple tools to keep us going, and there are many many more in the pipe. We want to be known as a technology company, not a consultancy. And we have exciting plans on how to get there. The underlying theme however, is implementing all this ourselves – no external consultants. We have been successful in this endeavor till now, and nothing suggests that we cannot keep up this tech momentum.

But beyond all this strategy and planning, lies a simple child-like heart. Of being curious, of wanting to read more, to learn more, to explore more. Of watching in wonder how the world goes about its craziness and yet manages to stay sane, of how some get lost in work and others get lost in life. Of wanting to give back more than we receive, of wanting to make work a part of the overall experience of life, and not something that is separate from us…

A lot to do, miles to go, but beyond the business plans and financial models lies a mantra that we will aim to keep alive for as long as we possibly can. The coming years at 10 Leaves will be defined by just this one phrase – and the rest will follow.

Keep on learning.

Wish us the very best!