Become a doctor in err…20 days!

Of late, a lot of “Doctors” have been appearing on my LinkedIn timeline. 

Complete with convocation photos, a detailed thank you note and the “humbleness” of achievement of something that took 20 days to complete. 

Yes, you read that right. A full 20 days…not of coursework, of waiting. For a doctorate. From start to finish. Based on a one page application form with ONE relevant question – “why do you deserve this degree” – that’s it!

My parking form took longer to complete:))

Is a fake degree really that important? Are one’s achievements subject to validation from such fraudulent sources? More importantly, these “doctors” know how these fake degrees have been awarded (EUR 600, with a fast-track option for EUR 1,200) but still they represent it as some kind of crowning glory and testimony to their standing in society…isn’t this downright silly?

For those who are curious, and for some aspiring “doctors”, here is a link to the lolworthy application form:))

And (I’m not joking), there is an option – non-mandatory extras they call it- for a UNESCO Diploma supplement:)) I swear I am not making this up – it’s there on the link, along with the tatkal scheme.

There are some who choose the path of lifelong learning. And then there are others who spend a lifetime accumulating fake degrees, and still not learning.

Which one are you?